003. Zorro Guide
(January 16, 2008)


1957 - 1958 SEASON
Chapter 1 – The Tyrant Monastario

Episode 001

Presenting Senior Zorro

October 10, 1957

The story of the masked rider in Old California opens as Don Diego del la Vega is returning to California from Spain, where he has been studying for several years. The Pueblo de Los Angeles is under the rule of a cruel dictator, Capitan Monastario. To protect his true identity, Diego will become El Zorro – “The Fox”. Zorro’s first act is to save the life of Don Torres, whom Monastario plans to release and then kill, claiming the prisoner had escaped.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 002

Zorro’s Secret Passage

October 17, 1957

Diego continues to develop his dual persona as Zorro by moving his horse Tornado to a secret cave beneath the hacienda, and he shows Bernardo a series of tunnels and hidden doors built into the house’s walls. He then rides to the mission to check on the safety of Don Torres, who is hiding from Monastario.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 003

Zorro Rides to the Mission

October 24, 1957

Don Torres’s safety at the mission is imperiled when a peasant informs Monastario of his hiding place and the lancers ride to surround the church. Monastario tries to enter the mission but is blocked by Padre Felipe, who demands that the soldiers leave without violating the sanctuary of the church. Instead, the captain forces the local Indians to built a road through a rocky area, vowing to continue the work until Torres surrenders.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 004

The Ghost of the Mission

October 31, 1957

Monastario has a new plan to capture Don Torres. He claims a captured Indian was part of a plot to raid the mission, which enables the soldiers to occupy the church for its “protection” and hopefully then seize the fugitive. Hoping to drive Torres out of his hiding place, Monastario sends his men inside with orders not to let any food or water into the church.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 005

Zorro’s Romance

November 07, 1957

Following Don Torres escape from the mission, Monastario and his men ride to the escapee’s home hoping to find him hiding there. Diego also decides to visit to tell the family that Don Torres is safely on his way to Monterey, only to discover Torres hiding in the wine cellar. The fugitive had tried to see his family before leaving town, and now Diego must find a way to spirit Torres out from under Monastario’s nose.

Directed by Lewis R. Foster.

Episode 006

Zorro Saves a Friend

November 14, 1957

Diego’s claim of innocence in the escape of Don Torres backfires when Monastario decides that the women were the plotters and arrests them instead. The Torres women are taken into the cuartel and placed in the stockade for all the townspeople to see, and Monastario announces that they will be kept there until they sign a statement acknowledging Don Torres as a traitor.

Directed by Lewis R. Foster.

Episode 007

Monastario Sets a Trap

November 21, 1957

Don Alejandro’s visit to inspect prison conditions at the cuartel produces an unexpected result when the Torres women assure him they’ve been well treated. He later learns that this is another one of Monastario’s tricks. The wily commandante has told the prisoners that he captured Torres and will torture him if they complain to Don Alejandro.

Directed by Lewis R. Foster.

Episode 008

Zorro Rides Into Town

November 28, 1957

Zorro rushes his wounded father to the secret cave where Tornado is stabled and tries to tend to his wounds, a task made more difficult by the fact that Alejandro has become delirious from infection. Monastario leads his men to the hacienda hoping to find Alejandro there, and Diego barely has time to doff his costume before the soldiers enter. Still wary of Diego, the capitan places him under arrest and orders his men to search the grounds for his quarry.

Directed by Lewis R. Foster.

Episode 009

A Fair Trial

December 05, 1957

Don Alejandro and Don Torres have surrendered to Monastario on advice from the governor, who has promised them a fair trial. The governor has sent Judge Vasca, known for his honesty, to Los Angeles to conduct the trial, but the capitan has other plans. He sends Garcia and a party of lancers northward to meet the judge and delay him. This will allow the capitan’s henchman, Licenciado Pina, to conduct the trial in his absence and sentence the prisoners to death.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 010

Garcia’s Secret Mission

December 12, 1957

The normally easy duty of raising the flag turns into a problem for Sergeant Garcia when he discovers that Zorro has substituted a flag with a large “Z” for the fort’s flag and the flagpole has been greased to prevent the soldiers from removing it. Monastario publicly reprimands Garcia and then realizes he can profit from the situation by secretly ordering the sergeant to pretend he was thrown out of the service in disgrace. This, he hopes, will make the people of the village take Garcia into their confidence and thus unwittingly betray Zorro.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 011

Double Trouble for Zorro

December 19, 1957

Two men’s jealousy over a barroom dancer becomes a central point in Monastario’s latest plot to discredit Zorro when he arrests Carlos Martinez for killing a man in a sword fight. The commandante realizes that Martinez bears a strong resemblance to Zorro, so he offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for his impersonating Zorro. The offer is gladly accepted, for the alternative is death.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 012

Zorro, Luckiest Swordsmn Alive

December 26, 1957

The capitan has another scheme to discredit Zorro by using Martinez, and he fakes the prisoner’s death and buries a coffin full of rocks in his place. This will allow the fake Zorro to rob the villagers and then vanish, finally discrediting the masked rider.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 013

The Fall of Monastario

January 02, 1958

Monastario has seen through Diego’s attempts to disguise his fencing ability and plans his arrest and trial. He confronts Diego with the charge that the latter is secretly Zorro, an accusation the young don tries to laugh off. This time, however, Diego’s charm fails to sway the commandante, who orders Diego held in jail until he can be tried.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Chapter 2 Birds of a Feather

Episode 014

Shadow of Doubt

January 09, 1958

The entire pueblo is overjoyed at the downfall of Monastario and eagerly awaits the arrival of the new commandante, for his reputation is that of an honest and fair administrator. Capitan Melindez has barely arrived in town when he is assassinated by Esteban Rojas, a mysterious stranger who has also just arrived in the village. Rojas frames an elderly beggar for the crime but he has been spotted by Maria Crespo, a young girl who works at the inn.

Directed by Robert Stevenson.

Episode 015

Garcia Stands Accused

January 16, 1958

Sergeant Garcia is enjoying his temporary position as commandante until a replacement for the murdered Capitan Melindez can be found, and it appears his luck continues to improve when he receives a mysterious note from Zorro offering his surrender. The happy soldier reads that if he will travel alone in the hills, Zorro will give himself up.

Directed by Robert Stevenson.

Episode 016

Slaves of the Eagle

January 23, 1958

The King's tax collector, Jose Morales, and his nephew are stopped by Gomez and Antonio Azuela, another conspirator, while on their way to the pueblo. The conspirators threaten the men with death unless they cooperate, then seize Morales' official documents. The outlaws then tell him to return to the capital or they will kill his nephew, Domingo, whom they plan to hold hostage. As soon as Morales leaves, Domingo is seen to be another member of the criminal conspiracy. He gives the tax documents to Azuela, who rides into the pueblo to impersonate the uncle.

Directed by Robert Stevenson.

Episode 017

Sweet Face of Danger

January 30, 1958

A quiet day in the pueblo is abruptly changed when a stranger is killed by an arrow, apparently the victim of an Indian attack. Diego helps Sergeant Garcia inspect the body for clues and finds another mysterious eagle feather, this time on the fake Indian arrow. This is Diego’s first clue to a conspiracy by a mysterious figure known only as the Eagle.

Directed by John Meredyth Lucas.

Episode 018

Zorro Fights His Father

February 02, 1958

A peaceful protest by a group of peons upset with taxes turns violent when one of the Eagle's men throws a rock through the magistrado's window. Galindo uses this as an excuse to order severe measures against the peasants, a move that upsets Don Alejandro. The other landowners want to set up vigilante posses to punish the peons, but Alejandro argues on the side of reason.

Directed by John Meredyth Lucas.

Episode 019

Death Stacks the Deck

February 13, 1958

Ramon Santil has just inherited his father's ranch and holdings, and some bad news. The magistrado tells him there's a high tax that must be paid at once or he will lose the land, and Ramon doesn't have the money to pay it. In desperation, he sells all of his cattle to Carlos Urista, a recent arrival in town whom Diego suspects as another of the Eagle's men. Urista then invites Ramon to play cards, and soon the stranger has won back most of the money he just paid for the cattle. Diego tries to halt the game but is angrily turned away by Ramon, who proceeds to lose all of his money and the ranch.  

Directed by John Meredyth Lucas.

Episode 020

Agent of the Eagle

February 20, 1958

Don Alejandro tells Diego he's received a letter from a friend in the capital telling him that the new commandante, Capitan Juan Ortega, has the reputation of being an honest and fair man. When Ortega arrives, he doesn't act that way. He treats Sergeant Garcia with contempt and is openly arrogant toward the civilians. The reason for this is revealed when Ortega meets the magistrado and informs him that the real commandante has been ambushed and murdered, on orders of the Eagle.

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 021

Zorro Springs a Trap

February 27, 1958

The fake Ortega and the magistrado announce they have captured Zorro, and a cart holding a masked man is dragged into the town square. A public unmasking will be held at noon, and Diego fears that an innocent man will be charged with Zorro's "crimes". He also realizes it may all be a trap, so when he dons his costume and rides into the square to free the prisoner, he watches carefully for soldiers.

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 022

The Unmasking of Zorro

March 06, 1958

The plans of the fake commandante and the magistrado go awry when Ortega spots Diego talking to Rosarita Cortez, a childhood friend who has recently returned from the capital. Ortega fears she will recognize him from her journey, for it was during that trip that he murdered the real Ortega and assumed his identity. Bernardo overhears the two villains planning her death, and notifies Diego.

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 023

The Secret of the Sierra

March 13, 1958

Another stranger with an eagle feather spells trouble for Zorro when Perico, a recent arrival, sees a gypsy girl trying to pay for a purchase with several gold nuggets. Diego and Alejandro realize that news of a gold discovery will cause a rush of "gold fever" and their peaceful way of life will be threatened, so they try to suppress the news.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 024

The New Commandante

March 20, 1958

The magistrado's plans to aid the Eagle may suffer a setback when a new commandante arrives in the pueblo. Unlike the fake Ortega, Capitan Toledano is loyal to the King and beyond corruption, yet he must be eliminated if the Eagle's plot is to succeed. Toledano's jealousy over his pretty wife Raquel is the key to the magistrado's newest scheme.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 025

The Fox and the Coyote

March 27, 1958

Magistrado Galindo has smuggled a supply of weapons into the pueblo, intending to use them when the Eagle orders the overthrow of the government, but he has been unable to get a supply of gunpowder. The army has a large stockpile at the cuartel, and the magistrado decides to steal it for his use. As part of his plan, Galindo announces that a horse race will be held in the commandante's honor. Not only will this draw the capitan and most of his soldiers out of the cuartel, but he also hopes to win a substantial sum from the wagers that will be placed on the race.

Directed by Norman Foster.

Episode 026

Adios Señor Magistrado

April 03, 1958

Capitan Toledano plans to interrogate two prisoners who were seized when the gunpowder was recovered. The prisoners warn Figueroa, one of the magistrado's men, that they will talk unless someone helps them escape. Instead, they are found dead in their cell the next morning. A doctor examines the bodies and suspects murder, but the magistrado announces that it was suicide.  

Directed by Norman Foster.

Chapter 3 The Eagle's Brood

Episode 027

The Eagle’s Brood

April 10, 1958

With the death of the magistrado, the Eagle takes a more active role in his conspiracy to rule southern California. He sends two of his men, Quintana and Fuentes, to Los Angeles with a load of gunpowder for the weapons previously smuggled into the pueblo. The two men earn the wrath of the Eagle for suggesting that Zorro may upset the plan, and they fearfully head off on their mission.  

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 028

Zorro by Proxy

April 17, 1958

The evil work of the Eagle takes a new turn when the commandante's wife, Raquel, visits Quintana and Fuentes and shows them an eagle feather, proving that she belongs to the conspiracy. She informs them the Eagle is furious over the loss of the gunpowder and that they must recover it if they hope to stay alive.   

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 029

Quintana Makes a Choice

April 24, 1958

Sergeant Garcia and the other soldiers are amazed one morning when every musket seems to misfire. When they check their gunpowder, they realize it has been replaced with charcoal. A search of the cuartel reveals that all of the gunpowder has been stolen, leaving the post defenseless. Unable to decide what to do, Garcia consults Diego, who learns that the only heavy load taken out of the cuartel was authorized by Raquel.  

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 030

Zorro Lights a Fuse

May 01, 1958

Raquel's ambitious plans for her husband appear to end when she receives a letter from him. She had been promised by the Eagle that he would be made governor of California, but her husband wants her to join him in San Diego, for he plans to sail back to Spain. Realizing the Eagle will not let her go, she tries to sneak out of the pueblo, only to be caught by Quintana.   

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 031

The Man With the Whip

May 08, 1958

Another agent sent by the Eagle arrives in the pueblo, this time smuggling jewelry to finance the conspiracy. Carlos Murietta, an Argentine who is contemptuous of the locals, particularly Sergeant Garcia, visits a tannery run by Jose Mordante. The two men discuss the disposition of the gems, including a famous piece known as "The Cross of the Andes", which were stolen from churches in Argentina.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 032

The Cross of the Andes

May 15, 1958

Expecting another shipment of jewels, Murietta goes to inspect the tannery where they will be stored. There, he spots Pasqual, a peasant who lives there, and whips the old man until he leaves. The shipment arrives accompanied by Dolores Bastinado, recently arrived in the pueblo, who attracts the attention of Sergeant Garcia.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 033

The Deadly Bolas

May 22, 1958

Determined to find the missing jewels, Diego and Bernardo visit a local padre in the hopes he can assist them in their quest, but the trip is to no avail. Later, when Carlos Murietta complains to Sergeant Garcia about the missing trunk he had stored at the tannery, Diego is convinced more than ever that the jewels were hidden by Mordante before his death.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 034

The Well of Death

May 29, 1958

Another shipment of stolen jewels arrives in the pueblo, and Dolores Bastinado unwittingly allows her brother, Pogo, to deliver the cargo to the Murietta brothers. The trunk slips and breaks open, and Pogo spots several of the gems. He realizes the men will try to kill him to protect their secret, but he is seized before he can flee.  

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 035

The Tightening Noose

June 05, 1958

Don Alejandro convinces all of the landowners to sign a document pledging their loyalty to the government, for he has become worried by the growing signs of possible civil unrest. He leaves a copy in the hacienda and takes the original to the capitol, intending to present it to the governor. Alejandro has barely left when Diego receives some unwelcome news. A new administrator has arrived in the pueblo and announced his decision to use the de la Vega hacienda as his headquarters.  

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 036

The Sergeant Regrets

June 12, 1958

An emissary from a foreign power has arrived in the pueblo to discuss plans to help the Eagle in his rebellion. George Brighton, the agent, warns Varga that there must not be any open resistance. His government wants an obedient colony, not one torn apart by internal battles. Varga promises to deliver control as planned, but he continues to worry about Don Alejandro and the other landowners who have pledged their allegiance to the King.   

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 037

The Eagle Leaves the Nest

June 19, 1958

Diego overhears Varga telling his aide that the de la Vega hacienda is so comfortable he intends to make it his permanent headquarters. Knowing his father will soon return and would fight to the death to protect his home, Diego decides to try a risky plan to drive the Eagle out.  

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 038

Bernardo Faces Death

June 26, 1958

Another stranger arrives in the pueblo and travels to the de la Vega hacienda, intending to meet with the Eagle. Diego recognizes the visitor as Count Kolinko, an ambassador from an Eastern European country that has long been interested in controlling California. Since the Eagle has left for the pueblo, Diego manages to convince Kolinko that he is also part of the conspiracy. He almost succeeds in gaining necessary details of the plot.   

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 039

The Eagle’s Flight

July 03, 1958

The Eagle sets his plan to seize control into motion, and only Zorro and Bernardo can stop him. 

Directed by Charles Barton.

8 - 1959 SEASON
4 Diego's Visit to Monterey

Episode 040

Welcome to Monterey

October 09, 1958

The second season of Zorro opens with Don Diego and Bernardo visiting Monterey, California. They have been sent there by a group of Los Angeles investors to look over an import business. The visitors have barely arrived in town when two men burst into their room and demand the investors' money. Diego claims he doesn't have it and the men leave when the innkeeper investigates the disturbance. All they take is Diego's watch, but he suspects that a local businessman named Verdugo is involved.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 041

Zorro Rides Alone

October 16, 1958

Diego continues his investigation into Señor Verdugo's business. He suspects he may be the leader of the robbers, so he sets a trap and tells Verdugo the money is being sent via the Guadalupe Trail and should be arriving shortly, but a servant overhears him.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 042

Horse of Another Color

October 23, 1958

Lieutenant Rafael Santos is ambushed on his way to Monterey and left for dead when the ambushers take his identification and uniform. One of them, a killer named Anastacio, puts on the uniform and rides to Verdugo's, where Diego is discussing the investment deal. The real soldier is not dead, however, and his beautiful white horse stands guard by his side.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 043

The Señorita Makes a Choice

October 30, 1958

After the Verdugos return to Monterey, Anna Maria enters their home and discovers that her father is missing. Pablo, their former servant, tells her the old man is being held hostage and will be killed unless she hands over 45,000 pesos believed to be in the house. Diego and Bernardo arrive and Pablo slips away, warning Anna Maria that her father will be killed if she tells anyone of the kidnapping.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 044

Rendevous at Sundown

November 06, 1958

The kidnappers send word that Anna Maria must meet them if she wants proof her father is still alive, but Diego warns her it is a trick. A would-be-traitor argues that she must go, so she agrees to go with him, Garcia, and Reyes. Diego was right, and the trap is sprung.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 045

The New Order

October 13, 1958

Before he returns home, Sergeant Garcia angers Theresa, a tamale vendor, when he tries to carry out the orders of the acting governor. Luis Rico has decided that all of the vendors must be removed from the plaza despite their objections, and Diego promises Theresa he will try to help. She shows her appreciation with hugs and kisses, thereby angering her boyfriend, Joaquin Castenada, who was watching. Joaquin starts to say something to her but is knocked aside by Capitan Briones, leader of a band of soldiers named "Especials".

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 046

An Eye For an Eye

November 20, 1958

Joaquin and several followers begin a series of raids against the Especials, which culminates with the beating of Capitan Briones. The soldier issues a death order for Joaquin and sends his men after Theresa, intending to force her to reveal his hiding place. She asks Diego to hide her, and with Garcia's assistance, he protects her from the searchers.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 047

Zorro and the Flag of Truce

November 27, 1958

Capitan Briones escalates his campaign against Joaquin by ordering that a peon be whipped until he reveals the rebel's hiding place. Zorro uses his own whip to stop Briones, then frees the peon. Shortly after, the real governor returns and Rico explains that his harsh rule was only imposed to make the capital a well-run city. Rico then convinces the governor to offer the rebel a truce so he can explain his case, planning all the while to kill Joaquin as soon as the outlaw turns himself in.

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 048


December 04, 1958

The broken truce has convinced Joaquin that Diego cannot be trusted and, that if not for Zorro, he would have been killed. When Diego and Bernardo ride to his camp to explain, the rebel leader orders his men to lock the visitors in leg irons until he can decide upon a suitable fate for them. Joaquin announces his plans to kill the governor the next day while he visits a local shrine. When he tries to ride there, however, Joaquin is accidentally captured by Sergeant Garcia.

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 049

The Practical Joker

December 11, 1958

Anna Maria Verdugo returns to Monterey from San Francisco and becomes the object of Ricardo del Amo's affection. This friend of Diego's is an incurable practical joker. Ricardo realizes that Diego is also attracted to Anna Maria and hopes to lessen the competition by having some fun at his friend's expense.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 050

The Flaming Arrow

December 18, 1958

Ricardo asks for Diego's help in winning Anna Maria's heart, for he feels Zorro is too much competition for the two men to overcome. If they can make it seem that Zorro is seeing another woman, Anna Maria will scorn him, thus dropping the field of suitors to a more manageable size. Ricardo plans to accomplish this by dressing as Zorro and serenading Anna Maria's cousin, Milana del Carmen.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 051

Zorro Fights a Duel

December 25, 1958

Diego doesn't know that Ricardo has developed a hatred for Zorro. He makes matters worse when he substitutes a block of wood for a box of chocolates intended for Anna Maria. When she opens her present and Ricardo sees the wood, complete with a carved "Z", he decides to kill his unmask his foe.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 052

Amnesty for Zorro

January 01, 1959

Ricardo leaves town but causes another problem for Diego before he goes. Still infatuated with Anna Maria, Ricardo tells her that Zorro would unmask himself if he really loved her. The problem is, Diego does love her, and thus begins to consider turning himself in. The governor offers the outlaw amnesty if he will surrender himself at a public ceremony.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Chapter 5 The Gay Caballero, the Missing Father, and the Mountain

Episode 053

The Runaways

January 08, 1959

Two indentured servants who wish to marry find that the law states they must have the permission of their masters. Buena, who works in the de la Vega hacienda, is told she is free to marry, but her boyfriend, Romaldo, is not so fortunate. One of his co-workers also wants to marry Buena so he convinces their boss that Romaldo plans to run away after the ceremony.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 054

The Iron Box

January 15, 1959

It is time to send the tax money to the governor, and Sergeant Garcia has a plan to thwart any attempt to steal the funds during the long journey. He orders the town blacksmith to build a huge iron box that requires a special key to open it. The money will be placed in the box and the key sent to the governor by a separate route.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 055

The Gay Caballero

January 22, 1959

Diego's uncle, Estevan de la Cruz, arrives in Los Angeles for an unannounced visit and surprises the de la Vegas when he tells them he plans to be their house guest. Furthermore, he expects them to give a lavish party to welcome him. All of this angers Don Alejandro, but to head off a family dispute, Diego convinces his father that Estevan will leave soon. 

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 056

Tornado is Missing

January 29, 1959

Estevan again becomes a problem for Diego when he decides to earn some easy money. Los Angeles is preparing for its annual horse race and Estevan would like to win the prize money, but his horse seems unlikely to win. His luck changes when he comes across Zorro's horse, Tornado, grazing in a hidden field, and he captures the animal. 

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 057

Zorro Versus Cupid

February 05, 1959

Still hoping to strike it rich during his visit to Los Angeles, Estevan shows a great deal of interest in a young woman when he learns she comes from a wealthy family. Don Alejandro accuses Estevan of only being attracted to Margarita because of her money, but the suitor denies the charges, forcing Diego to dress as Zorro in an attempt to frighten Estevan away.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 058

The Legend of Zorro

February 12, 1959

Estevan still hopes to marry the wealthy Margarita but he knows that Zorro will continue to oppose him. Don Alejandro suggests that if Estevan were to settle down and begin farming, Zorro would realize that his intentions are honorable. He gives the visitor a small plot of land and wishes him well in his endeavor.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 059

Spark of Revenge

February 19, 1959

Los Angeles is suffering from a severe drought and tempers are fraying as crops and animals die from the lack of water. Most of the landowners are helping their neighbors by allowing them access to the few wells and springs that have not yet dried up. Don Hilario is an exception to this policy, though, for he fears his own crops will suffer. A neighbor, Miguel Roverto, a peasant with a small farm, begins to steal needed water. The Alviso brothers, who work for Hilario, catch Roverto in the act and beat him severely, warning him never to return.  

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 060

The Missing Father

February 26, 1959

A mystery develops when a teenage girl arrives in the pueblo and asks for directions to a ranch no one has ever heard of. Anita Cabrillo has been studying at a boarding school, and she has come to visit her father, whom she has not seen in many years. Anita attracts a small crowd when she asks about Don Cabrillo, who is unknown in the city, and Diego offers to let her stay at his house until the mystery can be solved.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 061

Please Believe Me

March 05, 1959

Anita is still hoping to find her father, but Sergeant Garcia has decided she is nothing but a liar and wants to send her back to Spain. Only Diego believes her story, and he tells her she needs to supply some proof of her father's existence. She mentions a package of letters her father sent to her, and Diego asks to see them. Anita goes to her room but quickly returns without them, claiming they have been stolen. When Don Alejandro again voices his doubts about her story, he arranges for her to leave on the next ship.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 062

The Brooch

March 12, 1959

Don Alejandro remains firm in his wish to send Anita back to Spain and tells the girl to pack her bags. As she leaves, Alejandro stops her, for Anita is wearing a brooch that he once gave to the mission to be sold at a charity auction. When she tells him her father sent it her in Spain, Alejandro finally believes her story about the missing man.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 063

Zorro and the Mountain Man

March 19, 1959

When a jovial mountain man, Joe Crane, arrives in the pueblo, he is threatened with arrest for traveling in Spanish territory without official permission. Sergeant Garcia warns him to leave town but changes his mind when Crane buys him a few drinks in the tavern. Not all of Crane's problems can be solved so easily, however, for when he kisses a passing barmaid, he angers Don Carlos Fernandez so greatly that the landowner attacks the visitor. 

Directed by Charles Barton.

Episode 064

The Hound of the Sierras

March 26, 1959

Thought to be hiding safely in the hills, fugitive Joe Crane instead has sneaked back into the pueblo hoping to recover his hunting rifle and the load of furs he gathered during the trapping season. He also wants to see Carlotta, the barmaid who accidentally started the fight between him and Don Carlos Fernandez. 

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 065


April 02, 1959

Don Carlos Fernandez decides to draw Joe Crane into the open by laying claim to the mountain man's furs and burro. Diego tries to end the feud by offering to buy the goods, but Fernandez refuses. Only Crane's death will satisfy him now. When Crane hears that Fernandez has his furs, he reacts predictably and goes to the man's hacienda to fight for his possessions.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Chapter 6 – The Man from Spain and an Invitation to Death

Episode 066

The Man From Spain

April 09, 1959

Another problem looms for Zorro when an arrogant stranger arrives in the pueblo and demands the help of Don Alejandro. Felipe Basilio has been sent by the Spanish government to sell bonds to the local citizens in order to help finance the Spanish war effort, but he gets off to a bad start by interrupting Sergeant Garcia's birthday party and throwing his pinata into the trash.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 067

Treasure for the King

April 16, 1959

Basilio has begun to enjoy his stay in Los Angeles despite Zorro's interference. He is surprised at how well his war bonds are selling, for the landowners have decided to help support the Spanish government as much as possible. In fact, he and Capitan Mendoza have been able to collect three large chests full of gold. Mendoza suggests that they steal some for themselves before shipping it to Spain, but Basilio has a better idea. He wants it all.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 068

Exposing the Tyrant

April 23, 1959

Even with his stolen gold gone, Basilio plans to remain in Los Angeles as a wealthy man. He decides to do so in a way that will let him exert a hold over Moneta Esperon, the attractive daughter of a wealthy landowner. Basilio tells Garcia that Spanish law forbids citizens to possess items made in countries that are at war with Spain. Those that do will forfeit their entire households to those who inform on the lawbreakers.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 069

Zorro Takes a Dare

April 30, 1959

Humiliated by Zorro, Basilio gets his revenge by arresting Sergeant Garcia and hoisting him in the air in the public square outside the cuartel. A large sign dares Zorro to rescue Garcia, but Diego knows Basilio will have hidden lancers throughout the area. When night arrives, so does Zorro, using Bernardo to help create a diversion that draws the soldiers out of town.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 070

An Affair of Honor

March 07, 1959

Pedro Avila, recently arrived in the pueblo, earns a meager living by betting other men that he can beat them in a sword fight. He tries to talk Diego into betting, but Diego refuse, as Diego knows he must keep his skill a secret. This gives Avila and his friend Tony Pineda an idea about how to get rich. They plan to force Diego into a duel, then allow the frightened man to buy his way out of the situation.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 071

The Sergeant Sees Red

March 14, 1959

Sergeant Garcia returns from escorting Padre Simeon on a trip from San Diego and is surprised to find that almost everyone in Los Angeles has contracted the measles. The doctor has placed the entire pueblo under quarantine and restricted residents to their homes. Even the soldiers cannot leave the cuartel.

Directed by Harmon Jones.

Episode 072

Invitation to Death

March 21, 1959

The governor of California is attacked during a visit to Los Angeles with his daughter and aide, and barely escapes with his life. Taken to the de la Vega house to recover, he is much too weak to travel for several days. The aide, Capitan Arrellanos, tells Diego he suspects the attack to be the work of the Rebatos, a group that wants to sever ties with the government in Spain.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 073

The Captain Regrets

March 28, 1959

Capitan Arrellanos refuses to help the Rebatos any longer in their attempts to kill the governor. Instead, he chooses another plan designed to make him the head of the government. He asks the governor's daughter to declare her father too ill to continue in office. Furious at this request, Leonar refuses to cooperate. She then tells her father of the aide's plot.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 074

Masquerade for Murder

June 04, 1959

Capitan Arrellanos continues his attempts to rule California by hiring Carmelo, a recent arrival to the pueblo, to kill the governor. Diego and Bernardo overhear the plan but don't act at once, hoping instead to learn who the other conspirators are. The governor has begun to recover and spends his time sitting outside on the patio, which prompts Don Alejandro to give a party to celebrate his better health.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 075

Long Live the Governor

June 11, 1959

The recovering governor is beginning to become irritated by his confinement to the de la Vega home. At times it seems as if the only thing that can pacify him is a music box. Almost as soon as it begins to play, the governor falls asleep. Knowing that the Rebatos are still trying to kill the governor, Diego uses the box to lull him to sleep then Bernardo moves him to safety.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

Episode 076

The Fortune Teller

June 18, 1959

Don Sebastian, a friend of the de la Vegas, is growing impatient at the delay of the stage to Monterey, for he is carrying a purse full of gold and is afraid it may be stolen. While waiting in the tavern with Diego, he makes the mistake of mentioning the gold and is overheard by three crooked entertainers.

Directed by Harmon Jones.

Episode 077

Señor China Boy

June 25, 1959

A Chinese boy escapes from a ship in San Pedro's harbor and tries to hide in Los Angeles. He is unable to seek help, for he speaks only his native language. Discovered hiding in Tomas Gregorio's warehouse, he is arrested as a thief. The boy's only hope is a scribbled message he gives to Diego. Not knowing Chinese, Diego sends it to the mission, knowing Father Ignacio can translate it.

Directed by Charles Lamont.

Episode 078

Finders Keepers

July 02, 1959

Celesta Villagrana and her servant, Montez, are on their way to Los Angeles when a hooded robber stops them and steals her jewelry. The thief knocks the travelers to the ground then departs, leaving Celesta lying there unconscious. Bernardo rides by and sees a piece of jewelry glinting in the sunlight. He stops to pick it up but Celesta awakens and mistakes him for a thief. She screams, and Sergeant Garcia arrives in time to hear her accuse Bernardo, which leaves him no choice but to arrest the mute servant.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse.

1960 - 1961 SEASON

Episode 154

Zorro: El Bandido

October 30, 1960

August 06, 1961

A group of Mexican bandits led by El Cuchillo ("The Knife") flees into Southern California to escape a band of pursuing soldiers. They decide to try their luck in Los Angeles despite the reputation of Zorro. As luck would have it, the local rancheros are storing a large supply of hides in a new warehouse and a silver shipment is ready to leave, providing the bandits with ample temptation.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 155

Zorro: Adios El Cuchillo

November 06, 1960

August 13, 1961

This is the continuation of the Zorro adventure begun in the episode El Bandido. Having previousley suffered a setback and humiliation at the hends of Zorro, El Cuchillo leads his men back to Los Angeles where they begin to plunder the pueblo. One item of importance for the bandit leader is to have the embarrassing "Z" removed from his coat, a process observed by the waiting Zorro. Zorro playfully returns to the tailor shop where Cuchillo is just leaving - and leaves his mark on the newly repaired coat. Unfortunatley for Zorro, his little prank my have been a serious mistake, because Cuchillo now becomes extremely anxious to win this serious of battles.

Directed by William Witney.

Episode 162

Zorro: The Postponed Wedding

January 01, 1961

August 20, 1961

The third hour-long episode of Zorro begins as Don Diego and Bernardo greet Constancia de la Torre, who has returned to the pueblo after a lengthy absence. When they last saw her she was a little girl, but she's now a beautiful 17-year-old. Constancia is glad to see them and Sergeant Garcia, but she gets nervous when the sergeant wants to inspect her luggage. She stalls him, but Bernardo knows something's wrong when he can barely lift a small bag. Zorro later discovers it full of jewels.

Directed by James Neilson.

Episode 173

Zorro: Auld Acquaintance

April 02, 1961

August 27, 1961

Don Diego's plans to drive an old foe out of town go awry when the man realizes Diego is Zorro.

Directed by James Neilson.


Special 001

The Sign of Zorro

November 1958

Don Diego returns to the pueblo of Los Angeles after completing his schooling in Spain. At home he challenges the cruel tyranny of Monastario, becoming the secret savior of the oppressed, but outwardly playing the fop. When he is captured, he turns the tables on Monastario by revealing his true identity to his friend, the Viceroy from Spain.

Theatrical compilation of several Zorro episodes released first in Japan and in 1960 in the United States (Feature 47).

90 min. Directed by Norman Foster, Lewis R. Foster.

Special 002

Zorro the Avenger

September 10, 1959

Zorro and his sidekick, Bernardo, must defeat the wicked "Eagle", who has taken over the commandant post of Los Angeles, by destroying the conspiracy with swordplay and trickery until the flag of Spain can fly once more over the plaza.

Foreign theatrical compilation of several Zorro episodes, released first in Japan.

97 min. Directed by Charles Barton.


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