February 25, 2008)
February 25, 2008

Welcome to the Complete Guide to Walt Disney Productions.

I've completed the following site:

Disney Shorts: 1960ies: Status: COMPLETE.

Disney Shorts: 1970ies: Status: COMPLETE.

Disney Shorts: 1980ies: Status: COMPLETE.

Disney Shorts: 1990ies: Status: COMPLETE.

I've added the following site:

Disney Shorts: 1930ies: Status: COMPLETE.

Disney Shorts: 1940ies: Status: COMPLETE.

Disney Shorts: 1950ies: Status: COMPLETE.

I've updated the following sites:

Disney Features 501-600: Up-to-Date: Feb. 25, 2008.

Disney Shorts: 2000ies: Up-to-Date: Feb. 01, 2008.

196. Lost Guide: Up-to-Date: Feb. 24, 2008.

NOTE: All Disney Short Guides from the 1960ies to the 2000ies are complete as far as my knowledge goes but without the Theme Park-Promotional films. I've already added a few I know for sure, but there are more and I will add them by time.



December 21, 2007

The following sites are online:

Disney Features 001-100: Status: COMPLETE.

Disney Shorts: 1920ies: Status: COMPLETE.

Disney Direct-to-Video: Up-to-Date: Feb. 01, 2008.

Disney Television Series: Work-in-Prog.: More Coming Soon.

001. Disneyland Guide: Status: COMPLETE.

001. Walt Disney Presents Guide: Status: COMPLETE.

001. Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color Guide: Work-in-Prog.: More Coming Soon.

003. Zorro Guide: Status: COMPLETE.

. Meet Me at Disneyland Guide: Status: COMPLETE .

010. Zorro and Son Guide: Status: COMPLETE.

025. DuckTales Guide: Status: COMPLETE.


If you find any errors, if I forgot a production or if you have anything to add, please contact me. It’s my intention to create a guide as complete as possible, so don’t hesitate, I think it’s in our all interest. Your Host


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