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Episode 001

Main Street U.S.A.

June 09, 1962

The first show in the series opens with a parade on Main Street U.S.A., where the Disneyland Band is playing “There Will Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”. Host Johnny Jacobs introduces the evening’s guests, who pass by in the parade, followed by the arrival of The Firehouse Five in a fire truck with the siren blaring. The show includes lively musical numbers and performances.

Other guests are Walt Disney, Ward Kimball, Betty Taylor, The Dapper Dans, The Four Cal-Quettes.

Episode 002

Plaza Gardens

June 16, 1962

Johnny Jacobs opens the show at the Plaza Gardens where the Elliott Brothers and their “Disneyland Date Nighters” are warming up. The Elliott Brothers are starting their sixth year at the Plaza Gardens, and they lead the group in a number of swing songs. The show also includes comedy, impersonations, and dance performances.

Other guests are Janet Leigh, Elliott Reid, Sandy Di Shell, The Four Preps.

Episode 003

Rhythm on the River

June 23, 1962

This show is set along the riverfront in Frontierland, beginning with “Waiting for the Robert E. Lee” performed by The Excelsior Banjo Band. Host Johnny Jacobs is joined by Betty Taylor from the Golden Horseshoe, who introduces the Disneyland group The Young Men of New Orleans. They play a number of tunes and then hop aboard the Mark Twain steamboat for more evening entertainment.

Other guests are Ken Murray, Leo Diamond, Fulton Burley, The Four Shamrocks.

Episode 004

Swingin’ Through Space

June 30, 1962

Tomorrowland is the site for this show, which begins as Johnny Jacobs greets the night’s guests, who arrive in the miniature cars from the Autopia. One of the guests is Annette Funicello, who hosts the evening’s festivities. Music from The Space Men provides a backdrop to scenes of dancers and the crowds throughout Tomorrowland.

Other guests are The Four Freshmen, Richard “Dick St. John” Gasling, John Glenn, Jimmy Dodd, Cubby O’Brien.

Episode 005

There’s Something about a Band

July 07, 1962

The show opens with scenes of Disneyland to tunes performed by the Disneyland Band. Several musical and comedy segments follow as host Johnny Jacobs mingles with the crowd and talks to guests about their home towns.

Other guests are The Osmond Brothers, Owen Pope, “Big Fred”, The Vonnair Sisters.

Episode 006

Tahitian Terrace Show

July 14, 1962

The blowing of a ceremonial conch shell opens this look at Polynesian dancers, beginning with the Royal Tahitians at Disneyland.

Other guests are Annette Funicello, Bill Skiles, Chief Tui Temakore, Dolores Domasin.

Episode 007

Fun in Frontierland

July 21, 1962

The emphasis this time is on Frontierland, and the show’s first guess are the Gonzalez Trio, who perform a series of lively dance numbers. Johnny Jacobs introduces the Villa Fontana Violinists from Mexico City, who play several Mexican folk songs. After Zorro vanquishes a foe on the rooftops, Jacob takes viewers aboard the Mine Train for an exciting ride through Rainbow Caverns and the Painted Desert.

Other guests are The June Rudell Quintet, Larry Verne, Brian Keith.

Episode 008

Music on the Mall

July 28, 1962

Johnny Jacobs introduces Dave Barry, who does a short comedy routine, then Jacobs takes viewers on a ride on the Douglas Moon Rocket. After returning to Earth, the show features Harry James and The Osmond Brothers.

Other guests are Walt Disney, Carol Lee, Bill Munday.

Episode 009

Fun in Fantasyland

August 04, 1962

A parade of Disney characters passes through the arches of Sleeping Beauty Castle, where Alice from Wonderland joins Johnny Jacobs in introducing the show’s guests. The show follows with music, magic, and comedy.

Other guests are Ray Anthony and His “Book Ends” Orchestra.

Episode 010

This Was the West

August 11, 1962

The evening begins with Johnny Jacobs riding on the Disneyland Railroad. His journey is interrupted when bandits stop the train, so he uses the time to introduce the show’s guests, who are seated in the train’s passenger car. Indian dancers perform as viewers tour Frontierland.

Other guests are Tex Williams, The Frontiersmen and Joanie, Hollywood Square Dancers, Members of Drum and Feather Club.

Episode 011

Swingin’ at the Magic Kingdom

August 25, 1962

Johnny Jacobs hosts this celebration of swing music. The Elliott brothers and their orchestra lead the evening’s festivities with old favorites.

Other guests are Frank Sinatra Jr., Ziggy Elman, Sandi Di Shell, Gloria Wood.

Episode 012

Dixie on the Delta

September 01, 1962

Tonight’s show salutes jazz, and it opens at the river boat landing as the Mark Twain pulls away from dock. Performers include the Hot-Jazz Society Marching Band, the Clara Ward Singers, and the Voices of Hope.

Further guests are Benny Goodman and His Band, Al Hirt andHis Band, The Young Men from New Orleans and Kid Ory.

Episode 013

Talent on Parade

September 08, 1962

The action starts on Main Street as the Seven Dwarfs march toward the camera to the sound of “Heigh Ho”. Variations of that song are used throughout the show to introduce each of the acts. This final show features Disneyland performers.

Other guests are Kay Bell and the Spacemen, The Clara Ward Singers, The Firehouse Five, Inglewood Toppers Band.


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