December 21, 2007)

This project came to life years ago. The purpose for this “Quick guide” was and is to have a single list, or file at hand, with all the Productions ever created, and a short synopsis, as well as a few notes to each one of them, for research reasons, or just to see if there’s something left in the collection for example between "The Ugly Dachshund" and "The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle".

It’s just a “Quick guide”, so if you look for detailed information, you won’t find it here. Instead I have to refer you to other sources like Disney’s spectacular Official Encyclopedia: “Disney A to Z” by Dave Smith, “The Disney Films” by Leonard Maltin, or “The Wonderful World of Disney Television” by the great Bill Cotter, just to name a few. Also, if you look for DVD or video informations I have to refer you to the best site I know "UltimateDisney.com" or the "Walt Disney" homepage itself.

This guide has been created for private use only, but a few friends wanted me to share it with them and those who are interested. So everything on this site is edited together from various sources and the productions themselves, so if there are any copyright issues, please let me know and the site will be changed accordingly within 7 days.

This site is dedicated to Walt Disney, who’s dreams inspired my life ever since I was a child and helped me see the better world inside the one we live in, as well as to those who keep his dreams alive today.

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